Collaborators in creation

Lussier & Khouzam is a Canadian law firm specialized in Arts and Entertainment law. From film to digital media, to television, performing arts, video games and music, our team offers adapted and innovative solutions to the legal challenges inherent to the various stages of creation, from inception to broadcast.

Founded in the early 1990s by renowned lawyer Me Zénaïde Lussier, the firm has earned a prominent place in the Canadian film and television industry. Renowned for their creative approach, our lawyers are valued for their flexibility and ability to meet the timeline and budgetary constraints of the production world.

Thanks to its strategic partnerships, Lussier & Khouzam is also able to offer its customers a turnkey service that answers their all their needs, including corporate law, legal translation and title searches.

With its unique expertise in E&O insurance, the firm also serves an international client base contending with the globalization of markets. From Paris to New York, Lussier & Khouzam boasts a network of affiliated lawyers stretching as far as its clients’ ambitions, be it in co-production with Canada or in ratification of global distribution agreements.

A broad array of services

Contract drafting and negotiation
  • Development, (co)production, broadcasting, distribution and sales agreements for the Film, TV, music and literary industries, amongst others
  • New media and information technology agreements
  • Legal advice on collective agreements in Quebec and Canada
  • Legal opinions on copyright law
  • Acquisition and negotiation of rights on pre-existing works
  • Legal opinions on fair dealing
  • Research and legal opinions on the availability of a trademark
  • Trademark filing and registration
  • Domain name registration, transfer and conflict resolution
Corporate law
  • Business organisation and incorporation
  • Corporate bookkeeping
  • Drafting and submission of forms, statements and notices
  • Drafting of legal opinions with regard to corporate law

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Errors and Omissions insurance (E&O)
  • Legal analysis of creative content and related research
  • Legal opinions on chain of title
  • Insurance application review and presentation to the insurer
  • Title searches and related legal opinions

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Right of publicity, privacy and libel
  • Drafting of contracts and legal opinions related to the use of a person’s image, name or voice
  • Analysis of fiction or documentary content involving a person’s image or privacy rights
  • Legal opinions on libel, defamation and reputation issues
Labour relations
  • Counsel on collective agreements pertaining to audiovisual productions in Quebec and Canada
  • Counsel on labour-relations management
Legal translation
  • Translation of legal documents by a certified translator
  • Opportunity to consolidate your legal expenses, while ensuring the strict conformity and absolute confidentiality of the translated material